Basic Controls

Darkfall is a game that combines furiously fast-paced, real time combat with a massively seamless world environment. The land of Agon is one that is both unforgiving and offering a vast potential of possibility. Players used to traditional MMO's may find some differences that will offer new challenges to conquer. Apart from the huge freedom of game-play players will come to see that Darkfall's controls combine the FPS style of Gameplay with that of an MMO.

Below you'll find a brief overview to help you take your steps on the path to blood and glory!



Direction -  The ,, and keys are the standard MMO and FPS movement keys.  to move forward, to back up.  and will strafe you left and right respectively. 

Crouching/Diving  – Crouch down using to reduce your visibility to players and monsters alike.  Sneaking up on your enemies this way will increase your chances of pulling off that surprising and often deadly ambush.  The crouch key is also used to dive while swimming.

Sprinting – Holding down while using the directional buttons will give you a burst of speed.  How long you can last depends on your stamina.  Bear in mind, however, that if your stamina is depleted you will be too winded to do anything but run feebly away at a normal pace.

Jumping – Leap through the air to catch an enemy unawares or cross obstacles using the As with sprinting, jumping will also consume stamina, so be careful how much you jump around.

Walking – For those times when one needs to go for a stroll, or walk menacingly towards a hated enemy, showing no fear, hold down as you move forward.



Hacking, slashing, and generally destroying your enemy – Just equip the right tool for the job, point yourself (and your crosshair) in the direction of the one fated to die… and click away! Your left mouse button is your hack, slash, stab, cast, and generally all-out slay your foe button.  What action you take depends on what is equipped and what skill, if any, you have selected before-hand.

Blocking – A little defense never hurt anyone… nobody will call you a pansy (much) if you occasionally raise your shield (or two handed weapon) to ward off your enemy's blows.  Hold down to go into this defensive stance.  Be wary though, blocking, like almost all actions, will also drain your stamina.

Drawing and Sheathing – If you want to hack, you need a blade, if you want to cut a tree down, you need an Axe.  Bare hands just will not do the job.  Before you can take any actions requiring a tool you need to draw it out.  Once you have equipped it, press to draw it.  Then point yourself in the direction of your intended victim and/or resource node and click away.  Likewise if you want to interact with something in the world you will need your hands free.  You just cannot rifle through a dead dwarves pockets with a handful of Two Handed Mace.  Sheathe it using the button again. 

Resting in Darkfall is a skill conducive to a long and healthier life. Simply press the key at anytime to sit down and begin regaining health, stamina, and mana at an accelerated rate. Be sure you are in a nice safe spot however!

Action / Interface modes:

Your right mouse button toggles between the Action and Interface modes. 

In the Action mode, you can move the mouse around to change the direction your character is facing, aim at objects or players with the crosshair and interact with the game world.  In this mode if you draw you melee weapon with the button your view will switch to third person perspective in order to grant you some more awareness during combat situations.

In order to interact with many of the objects in Agon you will use the . With this you can access your bank, talk to an NPC, mount your steed etc.  The is, for all intents and purposes, your “use” button.

The is your “other uses” button.  Anything with more than one use can also be targeted using to bring up a menu of various options.  Accessing a guild bank through the bank, de-spawning your mount and trading with a player are all some examples of this.

In the Interface mode you can access your menus, your spells and skills, the paper-doll and bags.  This is the mode where you will drag skills to your hot-bar, switch around items and change any game settings or key-bindings you may wish to.